Tuesday, November 18, 2008


(2:13 PM) Fulkdaddy: That's what I was waiting for...we end at 882 today
(2:25 PM) ajayvee: RIMM up 8%
(2:26 PM) Alex1978: wow talkabout relative strength
(2:31 PM) thefish102: another flush to new lows?
(2:33 PM) TraderTim: TBills 1 year now zero handle (.99%)
(2:33 PM) ajayvee: plunger protection team
(2:35 PM) ajayvee: bears accepting applications for more members
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(2:44 PM) thomas_Poland: we are hitting -1000 TICK readings one after another
(2:44 PM) thomas_Poland: selling
(2:44 PM) thomas_Poland: Who the hell is selling in new bull market ??? : )
(2:44 PM) thomas_Poland: kidding
(2:46 PM) ajayvee: GS and UYG making new lows
(2:48 PM) thomas_Poland: -1154 TICK
(2:50 PM) JR Roden: Any thoughts on the close?
(2:50 PM) thomas_Poland: positive ??
(2:50 PM) thefish102: sure looks like a trend day down to the close
(2:51 PM) thomas_Poland: Fish .. you are short ?
(2:51 PM) thefish102: nope, wish I was, but I'm long
(2:52 PM) nimesh_: wow, they are really selling the crap out of it now
(2:52 PM) brownmj21: this market is not cooperating... it wasn't supposed to break below 840!
(2:53 PM) ajayvee: wants to kiss 818 goodbye
(2:53 PM) arujunaa: bonds confirming stock woes. no signs of bonds selling off
(2:53 PM) ajayvee: SKF breaks Thursdaay's high
(2:54 PM) thefish102: intra day, this new low was on lower volume, that's about the only positive I can find,
(2:54 PM) ajayvee: c'mon suck us in you market you
(2:54 PM) Fulkdaddy: I can not wait to hear Louise Yamada's thoughts tonight
(2:55 PM) Fulkdaddy: 4:15 est
(2:55 PM) TraderTim: glad you reminded us
(2:55 PM) thefish102: cnbc?
(2:55 PM) TraderTim: webinar
(2:58 PM) ajayvee: wow SHLD down 70% in 7 weeks
(2:59 PM) DE_TTT: Can anyone share a link to Yamada?
(2:59 PM) Fulkdaddy: Have to sign up: https://profunds.webex.com/profunds/onstage/g.php?d=716343452&t=a
(3:00 PM) DE_TTT: Thanks, FD!
(3:09 PM) ajayvee: okay, who's buying?
(3:09 PM) brownmj21: PPT?
(3:09 PM) thomas_Poland: did you forget ? positive close ?
(3:09 PM) JR Roden: Let's get a short squeeze going here ...
(3:09 PM) Fulkdaddy: To the moon Alice????
(3:10 PM) brownmj21: this must be the market going up on bad news.
(3:10 PM) thomas_Poland: please stop
(3:10 PM) thomas_Poland: we are reacting like a bunch of amateurs here
(3:10 PM) thomas_Poland: we will kill this rally
(3:10 PM) ctmhou: Tom's mic is on......is he talking?
(3:11 PM) brownmj21: no, i think the record made it to the end.
(3:11 PM) ajayvee: he needs to rewind his 8-track
(3:11 PM) brownmj21: lol
(3:11 PM) ctmhou: Which one this time?
(3:11 PM) ctmhou: Good one, Ajay
(3:11 PM) brownmj21: last i remember was some jimmy.
(3:13 PM) ctmhou: Where is the Family Malone? Normally , when his mic is open I hear the goings on of the Malone hosuehold. Interesting at times.
(3:13 PM) ajayvee: what if we had a rally and nobody cared?
(3:14 PM) thomas_Poland: look .. we were not talking until we started rallying
(3:14 PM) thomas_Poland: I think we should shut up
(3:14 PM) thomas_Poland: we killed this?
(3:14 PM) ctmhou: Sorry............
(3:15 PM) thomas_Poland: I am even affraid to say that indicators say we should rally strong
(3:15 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:15 PM) brownmj21: u could also argue the rally started when tom's music stopped playing.
(3:16 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:19 PM) thomas_Poland: ok I covered my long .. for all of us
(3:19 PM) thomas_Poland: now look
(3:20 PM) JR Roden: TP thanks for taking one for the team.
(3:20 PM) thomas_Poland: Call me Atos
(3:20 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:20 PM) ctmhou: Today's Person Pivot S1 is 837.92
(3:21 PM) thomas_Poland: is that THE third swing I was talking about ?
(3:22 PM) thomas_Poland: till 4:15?
(3:22 PM) thomas_Poland: making HOD?
(3:22 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:22 PM) JR Roden: Let's get all the way up to the 200 SMA at 865.
(3:23 PM) thomas_Poland: this is from 1 pm
(3:23 PM) thomas_Poland: homas_Poland: If we go lower we can go down till 3 pm
(3:24 PM) thomas_Poland: should I listen to myself more ?
(3:37 PM) aszags: there is no volatility today is there?
(3:38 PM) thomas_Poland: Dow positive
(3:38 PM) ctmhou: VIX @ 71........
(3:38 PM) thomas_Poland: Zags Vix is 70
(3:38 PM) thomas_Poland: exactly Craig
(3:39 PM) thefish102: 40 point range in es..........
(3:39 PM) ctmhou: zags, are you wanting a higher VIX?
(3:39 PM) nimesh_: trin supporting this move up?
(3:39 PM) JR Roden: coming up on 50SMA on 5 min chart. This has been trouble twice already today.
(3:40 PM) aszags: just another quiet trading day
(3:40 PM) thomas_Poland: JR stop looking for troubles
(3:40 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:41 PM) thefish102: rimm having a nice trend day.................
(3:41 PM) thomas_Poland: almost positive Spx
(3:41 PM) JR Roden: Hourly chart shows we set up a nice base right along the 840 line, just like last Thursday. Now let's hope we can get the same finish.
(3:41 PM) nimesh_: my account up big from the low today awesome move
(3:42 PM) ctmhou: Great job, Nimesh.
(3:42 PM) thomas_Poland: Dow +0,8
(3:42 PM) thomas_Poland: Dow should go first from the low .. in my opinion
(3:43 PM) aszags: I still haven't closed out my naked nov 95 qid calls. I am waiting for the 2 million dollar profit
(3:43 PM) nimesh_: haha, az
(3:43 PM) nimesh_: still have mine, but not 2 million profit worth.
(3:44 PM) thomas_Poland: they kill every rally ?
(3:45 PM) nimesh_: they suck, thomas?
(3:46 PM) thomas_Poland: yep
(3:47 PM) thomas_Poland: you see ? ES did not move and they moved down Spx
(3:48 PM) thomas_Poland: in my opinion it is good
(3:48 PM) ajayvee: look at RIMM go!
(3:48 PM) thomas_Poland: Dow 1.11%
(3:48 PM) thomas_Poland: Spx positive?
(3:49 PM) thomas_Poland: indicators said positive close
(3:49 PM) ctmhou: If RIMMcan stay above the 8 EMA on the daily cahrt, it might be worth it.
(3:49 PM) thomas_Poland: in the morning
tomthetrader: yes
(3:50 PM) nimesh_: shorting nq here asa hedge
(3:50 PM) Fulkdaddy: Banks still lagging is a huge concern.
(3:51 PM) Fulkdaddy: No bottom until the banks bottom
tomthetrader: get to tomorrow
tomthetrader: up a point and we are OK
(3:51 PM) thefish102: iwm and nq both lagging
tomthetrader: Bottom has been in for a month it is just a complex bottoming process
(3:51 PM) thomas_Poland: you cover YM Tom?
(3:51 PM) thomas_Poland: from 8200?
tomthetrader: I am out
(3:52 PM) thomas_Poland: and TF from 440 ?
tomthetrader: at the close on both
tomthetrader: MOC
(3:52 PM) aszags: I just sold to open out of the money dec sso calls to hedge my naked qid calls
(3:52 PM) ctmhou: Tom, on a scale of 1-10, what would this market be? 1 being the easiest.
tomthetrader: 11
tomthetrader: Rocket ship
(3:54 PM) ctmhou: Whan volatility leaves, will this be a boring market to you or do we use different tactics?
tomthetrader: whole different tactics
(3:54 PM) Fulkdaddy: Tom, we have the ominous sign of the DOW up 122 and the A/D -1135
(3:54 PM) thomas_Poland: such as?
(3:55 PM) Fulkdaddy: When you saw this on 9-11-08 you warned of a crash...and you were right
tomthetrader: usually happens like this ...tomorrow wil be a better judge ..like I said this morning just 1 point up is BULLISH today
(3:55 PM) thomas_Poland: who loves my morning indicators?
(3:55 PM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: Close HOD
(3:55 PM) thomas_Poland: Tom 3 swings
(3:55 PM) Fulkdaddy: Why would the Naz be trailing here after HP?
tomthetrader: Trend day or key reversal ?
(3:55 PM) Fulkdaddy: ME!
(3:56 PM) thomas_Poland: Tom tomorrow directional move
(3:56 PM) Fulkdaddy: Looks like a key reversal to me???
(3:56 PM) thomas_Poland: hope up but I am affraid ..
(3:56 PM) thomas_Poland: my 828 trade would be a killing .. but I covered so we can rally
(3:57 PM) thomas_Poland: open positions:
(3:57 PM) thomas_Poland: 2 TF at 440
(3:57 PM) thomas_Poland: 2 Ym at 8200
(3:57 PM) thomas_Poland: 20000 UYG at 5.99
(3:57 PM) thomas_Poland: 2 ES at 867.50
(3:57 PM) thomas_Poland: these are short term positions
tomthetrader: thanks
(3:58 PM) ctmhou: Person Pivots say tomorrow can be a down day with S1 @ 806.42 and still moving.
(3:58 PM) thomas_Poland: they want pove my indicators wrong in last 2 mins?
tomthetrader: 150
tomthetrader: order imbalances
tomthetrader: as I said before
(3:59 PM) JR Roden: what happens in the last 15 min?
tomthetrader: got it !
(3:59 PM) thomas_Poland: we rally
(3:59 PM) JR Roden: HOD?
tomthetrader: 150
(4:00 PM) ctmhou: Today Person Pivot is 859.59
tomthetrader: TRUST ME
tomthetrader: who else ?
tomthetrader: 8423.50 closed YM 2
(4:01 PM) ajayvee: what's a person pivot?
(4:01 PM) JR Roden: Oh, I didn't know you meant that's how much the Dow would end up in positive territory.
tomthetrader: 8200-8423.50 YM
tomthetrader: TF we will leave open
tomthetrader: and UYG
tomthetrader: 5.99 -.06 cents
tomthetrader: Got our 150 up
(4:03 PM) nimesh_: got lucky....sold my puts near the bottom
(4:03 PM) nimesh_: tom, what do u expect rest of week?
(4:04 PM) nimesh_: guess for opex close?
tomthetrader: QAVKB 1.10 a buy still
(4:06 PM) ajayvee: RUT still lagging
(4:06 PM) thomas_Poland: ajay .. in my opinion Dow leading here is very good sign
(4:06 PM) thomas_Poland: RUT and Nasdaq later
(4:07 PM) ajayvee: okay!
(4:08 PM) ajayvee: who said HOD at 4:15?
(4:08 PM) pupster1: i still think these markets are carving out a wedge pattern
tomthetrader: Good job AJ
tomthetrader: I think we got the bears back being bears ?
(4:09 PM) thomas_Poland: ajay .. look 3:20 pm
(4:09 PM) thomas_Poland: in Paltlalk
(4:10 PM) ajayvee: I know...just teasing
(4:10 PM) Fulkdaddy: Why are the futures ramping?
(4:10 PM) ajayvee: they heard about a rally tomorrow
(4:11 PM) ctmhou: Cuz we ain't in them, Dave.
(4:11 PM) pupster1: same question here....AH something going on...?
(4:11 PM) nimesh_: damn put my nq hedge too early
(4:11 PM) thomas_Poland: and we came through 200 sma easly ?
(4:11 PM) TraderTim: even through by big fat 200 THOMAS
(4:11 PM) TraderTim: like butter
tomthetrader: GREAT JOB
(4:12 PM) ajayvee: not that great for me, but still I learn a lot
(4:13 PM) aszags: if qid closes below 95 on Friday I make 16500 minus commissions if I hold it and don't close it out before
(4:14 PM) aszags: I am stilling carrying naked 100 qid contracts that I sold to open at 1.65
(4:14 PM) ajayvee: good job zags!!
tomthetrader: GONZAGA ZAGS
(4:15 PM) nimesh_: wow az
(4:15 PM) nimesh_: how many did u sell?
(4:16 PM) aszags: qid is trading after hours at 79.4 but it was up to 87.15 during the day
(4:16 PM) pupster1: Zags....do u ever lose....?
(4:16 PM) aszags: I sold 100 contracts to open
(4:17 PM) nimesh_: nice zag, only sold 5 myself
(4:18 PM) aszags: Today that qid call position traded to a high of 2.3. If I would have closed it out at that high I would have lost 6500 today
(4:19 PM) JR Roden: sold my SPY options at 4:13pm, for a nice 40% profit. Thanks for the guidance !!!
tomthetrader: JR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(4:19 PM) aszags: I took the position that for me to lose the Naz would have to significantly undercut the low of the year by Friday
tomthetrader: Thataboy
(4:20 PM) aszags: I will close out before Friday if there is not much premium left
(4:21 PM) nimesh_: stupid 90 qid calls still 2.1
(4:21 PM) nimesh_: i would close under 50
(4:21 PM) nimesh_: i mean0.5
(4:22 PM) aszags: I also had Nov 90 qid calls yesterday that I closed out yesterday at 2.1
(4:23 PM) ajayvee: thanks tom
tomthetrader: Thank you ...it is not easy ....these have been the hardest bottoms to trade but we have done so and doubled our money
tomthetrader: . We were on the verge of challenging last Thursday's lows when some news about GE Capital came across the wires and lifted the entire tape.
(4:27 PM) thomas_Poland: todays profit 5960
(4:27 PM) thomas_Poland: for TTT
(4:27 PM) nimesh_: az are u going to be selling dec qids?
tomthetrader: Thanks ....Thomas for all the hard work
tomthetrader: DDM was a good play after all
tomthetrader: EVERYONE OK ?
tomthetrader: amazing days we are having
(4:33 PM) thomas_Poland: I will be at 950
tomthetrader: funny how all my Trades are now becoming support and resistance !
tomthetrader: for mainstream

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