Sunday, September 7, 2008

HERE GOES TTT AGAIN ....Please Join Us Today ?

tomthetrader: well we will keep our CORE positions ...but we have some 300 contracts at different fills QQQLS QQQIQ nearly 450 contracts long
tomthetrader: the news on the financials was huge and the futures look to be higher
tomthetrader: ES U8 [10] E-MINI S&P 500 Sep '08 16:22:09 EDT 1,241.00 s 4.50 1,236.50 1,245.25 1,216.50
tomthetrader: 1245.00 high
tomthetrader: XLF really blew off then FRE and FNM down
(7:02 PM) pupster: kicking myself for seeing this downdraft and stying long like a scmuck. Was short QCOM and AMGN for 2 weeks and let them go for chump change while I knew they would break down from those highs and their patterns. aaargh.
tomthetrader: Yes ..I only know of a few happy traders this week and they are all on slope of hope .com
tomthetrader: I was 100% short 1 week ago !
tomthetrader: Oh well
tomthetrader: we bounced back
(7:03 PM) pupster: yeah....oh well.
tomthetrader: let's get a good set up for next week and make a ton /
tomthetrader: I was happy I made it clear to BUY BUY BUY 1222 this morning
tomthetrader: we had 3 great buying opps all worked well...we should make a ton long Monday !

We could have made our best call ever ?

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