Tuesday, July 8, 2008


tomthetrader: Thanks ..I got a bad read / print
tomthetrader: Paulson Live on CNBC now
(3:06 PM) thomas_Poland: I hope for some corrections to go long
(3:06 PM) thomas_Poland: few nice ABC's would be great
tomthetrader: Now a new Bull from Ben and Hank ???
tomthetrader: they bought enough time ?
tomthetrader: is Tim and Doug short again ...yes !
(3:07 PM) oextrader77: lol - Tom
(3:08 PM) DE_TTT: Classic!
(3:08 PM) oextrader77: Go AAPL, you POS
(3:08 PM) causalityrules: ROFL
(3:08 PM) oextrader77: Making some dojo, huh Caus?
(3:08 PM) thomas_Poland: who is Doug?
(3:09 PM) thomas_Poland: I know Tim but Doug?
tomthetrader: Doug Kass
(3:09 PM) Fulkdaddy: Doug Kass. He actually is looking for a rally...GE was his tell.
tomthetrader: he is a perma bull gone long lately
tomthetrader: GE is acting very nice
(3:09 PM) thomas_Poland: 1274 resistance
tomthetrader: I bought it T IBM all the american stocks
(3:10 PM) thomas_Poland: hope we can react and go again to 1262 to go long
tomthetrader: Half-Life of a Bull
Well, that didn't last long. I sold my 1,000 DIA when the Dow was up 100 earlier today, and I bought a bunch of Russell puts (whose weakness still amazes me). So I'm pure bear again.
Unfortunately, I have limited access to my laptop today, so I'm probably going to forego a ton of potential day trading profits simply by being tied up. Grumble.
Hang on, tight, everyone! This is turning out to be quite a ride.
(3:10 PM) Alert: Message was not sent. The message was too long or contained non printable characters.
tomthetrader: Well, that didn't last long. I sold my 1,000 DIA when the Dow was up 100 earlier today, and I bought a bunch of Russell puts (whose weakness still amazes me). So I'm pure bear again.
tomthetrader: That was Tim Knight
tomthetrader: What a contrary indicator ???
(3:11 PM) oextrader77: rofl
tomthetrader: He continues to get jacked every day
(3:11 PM) thomas_Poland: I was affraid it is you speaking
(3:11 PM) DE_TTT: IWM puts...doh!!
(3:12 PM) thomas_Poland: he is pure bear and pure ......
(3:12 PM) thomas_Poland: anybody wants to finish?
(3:12 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:12 PM) oextrader77: Too bad he didn't hold those $80,000 worth of calls from yesterday. Unbelievable.
tomthetrader: he is more amazed now being short via those puts
(3:12 PM) oextrader77: Time to take his money..............AGAIN
(3:12 PM) thomas_Poland: you forgot Tom he covered just in time
(3:13 PM) oextrader77: lol - Thomas
(3:13 PM) DE_TTT: yes...and miraculously compounding at 79% annualized...hmmm
(3:13 PM) thomas_Poland: LOL
(3:13 PM) oextrader77: I thought shorting that OIH incessantly wiped him out. But somehow he's still in the game.
(3:14 PM) thomas_Poland: OEX he sells a lot of books
(3:14 PM) oextrader77: Teaching other people how to lose or make money?
(3:14 PM) oextrader77: lol
(3:16 PM) thomas_Poland: I think we made int term bottom .. if not we will do it this week
(3:18 PM) thomas_Poland: can I say that we can go to 1370 int term?
(3:18 PM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: I am afraid we are witnessing another bear market one day wonder ?
tomthetrader: seem to happen on tues or thurs over the past 6 monhts
(3:19 PM) thomas_Poland: short term I agree
tomthetrader: BAC up 7% ?
tomthetrader: with 7% dividend
tomthetrader: Banks are maybe showing a bottom .....
tomthetrader: but a U not V or W
tomthetrader: I am still on a BIG W
(3:20 PM) thomas_Poland: XLF resistance 20.37
tomthetrader: EMC is getting the Guy Adami Buy signal today ..look at the volume ?
tomthetrader: RUT OK But 700 was where we started ?
(3:24 PM) Trading_Goddess: that vol must have something to do with VMW - no? Strange
tomthetrader: .FCXHA
tomthetrader: 50 @ 8.60
(3:28 PM) thomas_Poland: official?
tomthetrader: YES
(3:28 PM) thomas_Poland: ok
tomthetrader: TG Do you like anything about EMC here ???
tomthetrader: VMW chief ...a young lady ousted ?
(3:30 PM) les13436: tom, cn you repeat the fcx info, i got logge off
tomthetrader: FCX long
tomthetrader: Trading Goddess ? anything you like about EMC ????
(3:32 PM) Trading_Goddess: no
tomthetrader: Not even the mega volume ???
(3:32 PM) Trading_Goddess: made good money on those Puts
(3:32 PM) Fulkdaddy: MA is a buy
tomthetrader: MA coming back from the dead with GS ???
(3:33 PM) Trading_Goddess: is that vol selling or buying?
(3:33 PM) Fulkdaddy: Sold my QQQQ calls for a tiny loss at 1:15. Bummer...
tomthetrader: oh its all buying !!!!!!!
(3:34 PM) Fulkdaddy: RIMM looks good
tomthetrader: I bought some
(3:35 PM) Trading_Goddess: The weekly energy inventories report comes out Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. EDT.
tomthetrader: I think I am going to add calls on UNP FCX and CAT
tomthetrader: I will be out of my 2x short oil !!!!!
(3:35 PM) Trading_Goddess: AA earnings after the bell
tomthetrader: DTO 24.65 +1.91 (8.40%)
tomthetrader: AA going to miss but get bought out by ACH ????
(3:38 PM) Trading_Goddess: don't know about getting bot out
tomthetrader: takeover rumors since the buyout craze but ...nothing lately
tomthetrader: FCX bought PD
tomthetrader: And BHP buying everyone ?
tomthetrader: should just buy FCX and hold for a takeover and AA for a takeover ...this fall /
tomthetrader: XLF of course leading the rally
(3:40 PM) Trading_Goddess: this "rally" doesn't have enough volume for me to feel comfortable going all long
(3:40 PM) oextrader77: Man, I love coin!!!
(3:41 PM) Trading_Goddess: okie doke, Tom
(3:42 PM) thomas_Poland: Tom .. in Zweig .. market can give no chance to get in at correction
(3:45 PM) Trading_Goddess: thanks, Tom
(3:45 PM) syzygy111: cboe pcr 1.05
tomthetrader: Today's reversal helps the bull case somewhat, not just because of the reversal (which is not always a good indicator), but because Banks are ratcheting higher and we're coming off of a tremendous oversold condition.
tomthetrader: I'm not intending to chase the rally, especially as we approach 1280ish on the S&P, but if we can add a bit more to this rally then settle back for a day or two without completely collapsing again, then I'll be looking to add some long exposure for a trade.
(3:48 PM) egyptian pyramids: hi
(3:48 PM) egyptian pyramids: hello for every body?
tomthetrader: Non members not alloweed please
(3:48 PM) egyptian pyramids: may i join u , please?
tomthetrader: No I am sorry ..members only
(3:49 PM) oextrader77: lol - Thomas, where are you? You are the ouster with the iron fist!!!
(3:49 PM) egyptian pyramids: i have a very good topic i wanna to tell u about it
tomthetrader: No thank you
(3:49 PM) oextrader77: LOL - Not interested.
(3:49 PM) egyptian pyramids: please
(3:49 PM) Trading_Goddess: lol!
(3:49 PM) thomas_Poland: I'm trying to stay calm
(3:49 PM) tomthetrader: tomthetrader has bounced egyptian pyramids from the chat room
tomthetrader: See ya !
(3:50 PM) oextrader77: Man, Tom, you don't play!!!
(3:50 PM) thomas_Poland: egyptian we don't want to hear your gayish topic
(3:50 PM) oextrader77: ROFL
(3:50 PM) thomas_Poland: ok
(3:50 PM) thomas_Poland: good job Tom
tomthetrader: so funny
tomthetrader: Thomas ..why do you do me like this ???
(3:50 PM) Trading_Goddess: we will never know the "very good topic" now!
(3:50 PM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: Yes ..you have won the egytian lottery !
(3:51 PM) thomas_Poland: we need passwords
(3:51 PM) Trading_Goddess: lol!
tomthetrader: Your money will be delivered via camel if you give me your bank account #
tomthetrader: HOD BULLS
(3:51 PM) oextrader77: lol
tomthetrader: too many bears
(3:51 PM) thomas_Poland: resistance 1274
tomthetrader: will close HOD and have FTD tomorrow on higher volume if REAL
(3:52 PM) thomas_Poland: we can go to 1262 to go long
tomthetrader: FCX coming back
(3:53 PM) thomas_Poland: yesterday and today classic 2B
(3:53 PM) thomas_Poland: 2B via Sperandeo
tomthetrader: UNPHO - AUG 2008 75 Call
3.6 +1.60 (+80.00%)

tomthetrader: Those are my UNP calls from this morning !!!!
(3:55 PM) oextrader77: Good job, Tom. Awesome work
tomthetrader: Thanks
tomthetrader: pretty good day overall but missed the big one ...NQ NDX QQQQ at 2:30pm
(3:57 PM) gerry204: thanks for FCX tom
tomthetrader: You bet
tomthetrader: hope we make a bunch
tomthetrader: stops in and take profits if you have too
(3:57 PM) youngamerican68_1: awesome calls today thanks
(3:58 PM) oextrader77: Like Tim Knight, I got out of my monster puts at the bottom and went long. Making that coin!!!
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: Thanks youngamerican
tomthetrader: hope we do well into tomorrow ...no futures oernight
(3:58 PM) youngamerican68_1: in for 10 FCX calls
tomthetrader: Main fund OK up 4% +
(3:59 PM) PhotosbyDill: My USO spreads are now positive. Been away shooting familiy reunions so I hope all of you are doing very well. -- Gary
(3:59 PM) DE_TTT: IYR having shorts for lunch
tomthetrader: Thanks Gary ..we missed you and Max today
tomthetrader: AA now
tomthetrader: could help FCX
(4:00 PM) PhotosbyDill: After summer I will be trying to help more. Thanks Tom for all of your help!
tomthetrader: I am here 24/7
tomthetrader: 2-1 a/d line ..we finally got what i wanted
tomthetrader: Marcin was dead on Dave ????
(4:01 PM) Fulkdaddy: Yes, he was. He is sharp.
tomthetrader: Turnaround tuesday on the tuesday after 4th of july !!!!!
(4:02 PM) Fulkdaddy: How long should we get in the main fund?
(4:03 PM) thomas_Poland: I think we have a chance to short for a few (maybe 10 points)
(4:03 PM) PhotosbyDill: DBCSR Long Put now positive Not alot but some
(4:05 PM) Trading_Goddess: FCX red hammer on the daily? Anyone here a candlestick reader?
tomthetrader: There are some here come on don't be shy ???
(4:06 PM) thomas_Poland: Yes TG .. what do you want to know ? ?
(4:06 PM) thomas_Poland: kidding
tomthetrader: Please chime in ...or I will close down tomorrow ???
tomthetrader: I want to hear ???
(4:07 PM) thomas_Poland: but for me it is not a hammer
(4:07 PM) RV_trader: Agree with Thomas not a hammer
(4:08 PM) thomas_Poland: but strong close with a volume
(4:08 PM) RV_trader: was a bounce off physc 100 level and held above 200ma at the close - will chase it's tail back down for a retest if it holds
tomthetrader: Yes FCX candlesticks ??? please give us your thoughts ???
tomthetrader: TG what did you see ???
(4:09 PM) Fulkdaddy: Not sure about the hammer on FCX, but the chart looks like it borke out of a trading range to the downside so it does not look great. The hammer I saw was two days ago but it failed.
(4:09 PM) thomas_Poland: some can see HandS
(4:09 PM) thomas_Poland: but the target should be in
(4:10 PM) billb1947: it seems to me that the range is too large to be a true hammer
tomthetrader: good good ..keep it coming !!!!
(4:10 PM) youngamerican68_1: if you draw a trendline from the prior lows it appears many were scared out on the break. Now the price is trying to retake it
(4:10 PM) billb1947: but it does have a bottom tail that suggests some more up move
tomthetrader: good good
tomthetrader: more more
tomthetrader: AAeartnings ???
(4:11 PM) gerry204: I thought the bottom tail meant buying pressure
(4:11 PM) thomas_Poland: in a Wyckoff sense FCX could be a spring
(4:11 PM) youngamerican68_1: also closed above the 50% point of todays range
(4:11 PM) RV_trader: bottoming tail suggest that at some point during the day that the bears were in control and supply continued to come in until buyers found to to be fair value and bought at that demand area of 100
tomthetrader: http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=fcx&p=D&yr=1&mn=3&dy=0&id=p27080076028
tomthetrader: TOP BULLISH

Symbol ISEE Puts Calls
FCX 62,235 1,613 1,003,855

tomthetrader: 1 million calls +
(4:13 PM) thomas_Poland: ok ok Tom .. it is oversold
(4:13 PM) thomas_Poland:
(4:13 PM) gerry204: that is huge
tomthetrader: Put/Call Data

Updated: 3:30 PM EST 07/08/08


Symbol ISEE Puts Calls
FCX 62,235 1,613 1,003,855
YHOO 9,838 774 76,146
MYGN 9,803 368 36,075

tomthetrader: swamped yhoo
tomthetrader: we get AA yet ???
tomthetrader: anyone AA yet ???
tomthetrader: Not thomas alcohol anonympous
(4:15 PM) thomas_Poland: I'm in AA .. 12 steps plan
(4:15 PM) thomas_Poland:
(4:15 PM) thomas_Poland: LOL
tomthetrader: 12 steps to your refrig
(4:15 PM) thomas_Poland: again thinking the same ?
(4:15 PM) thomas_Poland: yes
tomthetrader: GE was a Huge "tell" on this market
tomthetrader: Dave you out there ???
(4:17 PM) youngamerican68_1: im showing last AH trade on FCX at 105.40 782 shares
(4:17 PM) billb1947: looks to me like es might be starting to pull back a little-what do y'all think? - hhope this isn't a dummy question
(4:17 PM) thomas_Poland: we will go to 1262 cash
(4:17 PM) thomas_Poland: 74 cash resistance
(4:18 PM) Fulkdaddy: Yes
tomthetrader: ES ...will be OK ..I am happy here
(4:21 PM) thomas_Poland: Tom I think int term bottom is in
tomthetrader: Bill ..it should hold up OK
tomthetrader: AA anyone ?
tomthetrader: I sent via Gary some FCX charts
(4:21 PM) billb1947: thx
tomthetrader: please let me know
tomthetrader: your welcome Bill
(4:22 PM) thomas_Poland: Tom do you really have to tell us about your alcohol problems?
(4:22 PM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: AA up 1 % after hours
(4:22 PM) thomas_Poland: 1%
(4:22 PM) thomas_Poland: we drink 40%
(4:22 PM) thomas_Poland:
(4:22 PM) thomas_Poland: ok sorry
tomthetrader: Last Trade: 105.21 FCX
tomthetrader: 104.03 on the latest tick
tomthetrader: AA bad news ???
tomthetrader: BVN down
tomthetrader: 32.51 AA
tomthetrader: -88
tomthetrader: 32.50
tomthetrader: FCX floppingt
(4:27 PM) Alert: Time to talk to Giant's Wide Receiver Plaxico Burress on Sports Scene in Paltalk Studio A in the Radio/TV Section
tomthetrader: should have the new FCX charts
(4:28 PM) PhotosbyDill: Sorry guys I sent the weekly VIX-X but I sent FCX weekly to Tom
tomthetrader: Trading Goddess was right on the Red Hammer
tomthetrader: 32.60 AA
(4:29 PM) wclegg: AA out
tomthetrader: .66 v 64
tomthetrader: rev OK
tomthetrader: UP BIG there goes FCX
tomthetrader: GoFCX
tomthetrader: 106 FCX
(4:31 PM) gerry204: Tom, you are the man
(4:31 PM) youngamerican68_1: 106 ah
(4:31 PM) youngamerican68_1: holy smokes did you call that.. was so oversold to begin with just needed the spark
(4:31 PM) gerry204: unreal
(4:31 PM) Fulkdaddy: AA was good?
(4:32 PM) youngamerican68_1: beat by .02
(4:32 PM) gerry204: how did all those buyers know to buy calls??
tomthetrader: FCX 105.21 106.00 106.60 13,547,119
(4:33 PM) youngamerican68_1: with that volume was maybe institutional picking up huge size rather many traders?
tomthetrader: It had to be hedge funds
(4:34 PM) gerry204: 20 day avg vol around 9.9 mil
tomthetrader: AA we should have been in the calls like I recommended ..people are writing and calling me about the recom on AA ..I forgot I recommended AA and GE calls this week
(4:36 PM) pointfisher: thanks tom!
(4:36 PM) Fulkdaddy: Good night
(4:37 PM) gerry204: thank you
tomthetrader: Thanks to you all
(4:38 PM) oextrader77: Thanks Tom. Too much fun, as usual!!!
tomthetrader: Thank you ..great having you here
tomthetrader: Have to get Thomas more active ..only working part time and getting paid full
tomthetrader: Vodka is cheap date though for him ?
(4:40 PM) oextrader77: lol
(4:42 PM) PhotosbyDill: Have a good evening everyone -- Gary P.S. Watch FCX closely to fill ticks gap @ around 109 and then the weekly and daily charts indicate down and I would like to see daily money flow to increase rather than down as current
(4:42 PM) thomas_Poland: hmm
(4:42 PM) thomas_Poland: speaking about me agian
(4:42 PM) thomas_Poland: again
(4:42 PM) thomas_Poland:
(4:43 PM) thomas_Poland: have to go ... finish another bottle
(4:43 PM) thomas_Poland: bye
(4:44 PM) PhotosbyDill: Tom and everyone thanks off to work more on photography -- Gary
(4:48 PM) oextrader77: Check out the last volume spike on FCX.
tomthetrader: nice
(4:49 PM) gerry204: 477k in a minute
(4:50 PM) tradster_ny: AA conference call is in a few minutes

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