Monday, July 14, 2008


Over the 32 years I have been actively trading the markets I have never seen pessimism as deep and as prevalent as now. I am talking 1972-75 type once in a lifetime ( now 2x) and we are now in need of patience.

Patience is hard at this stage as most have already thrown in the towel or made excuses blaming the government , brokers or newsletter writers. But the market is best at making the most people uncomfortable especially under these circumstances whereas people really don't know what is going on !

We have some good readings to go by but none are 100% but I have all my money riding on the US financial system...this market has thrown out the babies with the bathwater and will soon stabilize enough to round up the Bears and send them packing soon.

We continue to say that 90% long is the way to go here the panics and is time to make a stand here into the Fall.



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