Tuesday, July 29, 2008


(2:07 PM) aszag: Chub I was booted off the same way. I went to Paltalkscene and searched for TTT hedge fund chat, found it and put that in my favorites
(2:09 PM) Fulkdaddy: Oil popping. Inventories tomorrow am
(2:10 PM) thomas_Poland: We just asked Tom to keep you Zags and Chub of the chat
tomthetrader: good everyone should have TTT in their favorites and have everyone in here as aPal ..it works better thatway
(2:10 PM) thomas_Poland:
(2:10 PM) joanc: anybody follow YRWC?
tomthetrader: 1:56pm hedgies takong a little off
(2:10 PM) thomas_Poland: this 1257 is going to be a little top
tomthetrader: Yes Joanie
(2:10 PM) joanc: YRCW
tomthetrader: I am a owner from early spring
(2:10 PM) thomas_Poland: I should know that because I was stopped out at 1257
tomthetrader: trucking
tomthetrader: WERN too
(2:11 PM) joanc: what do you think? buy?
(2:11 PM) thomas_Poland: I checked the area after I was stopped out
(2:11 PM) thomas_Poland: f...k
tomthetrader: UNP I like better !
(2:11 PM) joanc: ok
tomthetrader: WERN
tomthetrader: But it is tempting to double down
tomthetrader: don't let me hold you back
tomthetrader: I still love AMR and CAL
tomthetrader: ALK
tomthetrader: I love transports
tomthetrader: YRCW has four letters too
(2:12 PM) joanc: so do I, thx, will check out WERN
tomthetrader: Cramer going UPS
(2:12 PM) joanc: it's one I've followed for months, never bought
(2:13 PM) berniectx: AD holding well +1601
tomthetrader: I have several small positions in airlines housing cons disc trucking
tomthetrader: we put out5 a BUY ON XLY today
(2:14 PM) joanc: sounds like a good plan
(2:14 PM) Fulkdaddy: ALK, CAL and AMR are beautiful bullish falling wedge patterns!
tomthetrader: yes ..seems like the end is here ???
(2:15 PM) joanc: I did well on CAL and AMR last week, love to hear about good chart patterns
(2:15 PM) aszag: I had been naked qid Aug 51 calls for about 2 weeks and closed out the position today for a profit of .85. I had 80 contracts and they were so far out of the money that they didn't move much even when the market went down. (sold to open at 1.25 and bought them back to close today at .4)
(2:16 PM) Fulkdaddy: As long as oil continues down...if it pops I think we retest 1200 like Art Cashin said the market needs to do before a good low is made.
tomthetrader: Zags ..that is a great ...interesting play ...Dave I think if we do get a retest it will be so ugly I won't buyit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tomthetrader: And I will buy anything ????
(2:17 PM) TraderTim: Fulk, how would you play that if it happened? and if it didn't?
(2:18 PM) Fulkdaddy: I would see if it held...how much panic was in the air...and login to PALTALK!!!!!!!!
(2:18 PM) TraderTim: I hear ya loud and clear
tomthetrader: there you go ..we will move our stops up to 1250.50
(2:18 PM) Fulkdaddy: Tom is the best short-term market maker I have ever seen...he says he won't but my hunch is, there would be some serious call buying!
tomthetrader: It would really be a fun day ..esp if we were 100% cash which we probaly will be
tomthetrader: not sure the main fund wants to get down to these levels again
tomthetrader: 1252.50 move stops to
tomthetrader: YM Buyers 320 long
tomthetrader: 11320 1 contract long
tomthetrader: YM 1 long 11320 stop 11300
(2:23 PM) billb1947: are we talking about the same ym-i just got in at 11300
(2:23 PM) thomas_Poland: 11320 cash bill
tomthetrader: 11320 cash
(2:23 PM) billb1947: oooooohhhhhh
(2:23 PM) billb1947: sorry
tomthetrader: OK
(2:24 PM) thomas_Poland: shame on you
(2:24 PM) billb1947:
(2:24 PM) thomas_Poland: Tom like you said before .. I feel pain of missing a big part of the move
tomthetrader: no prob ..you can find the futures here YM U8 [10] MINI DOW JONES INDUS.-$5 Sep ’08 14:14:49 11,287.00 151.00 11,129.00 11,330.00 11,101.00
(2:24 PM) thomas_Poland: and I lost some money on short
(2:25 PM) thomas_Poland: still positive two days but could make much more
tomthetrader: I would never say I told you so ?
(2:25 PM) thomas_Poland: yes
(2:25 PM) thomas_Poland: 26 trades 2 losses
(2:25 PM) thomas_Poland:
(2:25 PM) thomas_Poland: last 26 trades
(2:25 PM) thomas_Poland: and both on short side
(2:26 PM) thomas_Poland: But as soon as I see a nominal new high I will short for two weeks
(2:26 PM) thomas_Poland: no matter what Masta says
tomthetrader: no you won't
(2:26 PM) thomas_Poland:
(2:26 PM) thomas_Poland:
(2:26 PM) thomas_Poland: Can we have move sideways
tomthetrader: you will follow us to the promised land of huge rewards for frequent traders
(2:26 PM) thomas_Poland: ok
(2:27 PM) thomas_Poland: yes Sir
tomthetrader: Dave : if you7 want a whopper of a holding in OIL / divi ...BUY BPT
tomthetrader: BPT is a BUY here for those who can take a possible run up in oil and a Huge dividend
tomthetrader: Just flashed on my screen ..we have owned it before
(2:31 PM) aszag: Tom are you closing out all positions in traders at the end of the day even if it doesn't move up to 250 in the Dow
tomthetrader: BPT
tomthetrader: Yes
tomthetrader: I want to be 100% cash to make 100% sure this was not a one day wonder and it looks like something we can build on
(2:33 PM) joanc: cusip # on YM? pls,thx
tomthetrader: YM U8 [10]
tomthetrader: cash just DJIA
tomthetrader: lots of puts being boufght
(2:40 PM) thomas_Poland: 1257 holds
tomthetrader: lots of puts
tomthetrader: 1250.50 stop on all positions
tomthetrader: 113000 cash YM stop
tomthetrader: 23-7 a/d line
(2:42 PM) thomas_Poland: I have to live with beeing stopped out on high of the day
(2:42 PM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: we will add to our long YM position here with 1 more at cash 11315
tomthetrader: 2 long YM
(2:42 PM) thomas_Poland: got iyt
(2:42 PM) thomas_Poland: it
tomthetrader: and IYT ? It is good long Thomas ???
(2:43 PM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: stopped out
tomthetrader: out of long ym with small loss
(2:44 PM) thomas_Poland: on what ?
(2:44 PM) billb1947: sick of being stopped out
tomthetrader: YM stopped out
(2:44 PM) thomas_Poland: 11300?
tomthetrader: going to get stopped on spyht and sso
tomthetrader: at 1250.50 cash
(2:45 PM) TraderTim: unless she bounces
(2:45 PM) TraderTim: earthquack
(2:45 PM) billb1947: the question is when to buy back in
(2:45 PM) TraderTim: maybe this is a buying opportunity
(2:45 PM) thomas_Poland: bill at 1252
(2:45 PM) thomas_Poland: 1242
(2:45 PM) thomas_Poland: sorry
(2:46 PM) billb1947: i hope you're right thomas
tomthetrader: 5.6 ..not bad
tomthetrader: should have a buy on YM we will reenter at 11300 again
tomthetrader: 2 long
(2:47 PM) thomas_Poland: ok 2 long YM at 1300
(2:48 PM) thomas_Poland: 113300
(2:48 PM) thomas_Poland: 11300
(2:48 PM) thomas_Poland:
(2:50 PM) Alert: Breaking News: 5.8 quake hits Los Angeles area
(2:53 PM) billb1947: tom-holding ym overnight?
(2:56 PM) billb1947: surely not
(2:57 PM) TraderTim: Tom missed audio
(2:58 PM) les13436: Anybody know when GLW reports??
(2:59 PM) billb1947: bonds in 1min
tomthetrader: *:30 am tomorrow /
tomthetrader: GLW 8:30am tomorrow
(3:02 PM) Alert: Get the latest on the presidential campaign in the XM POTUS Press Pool Live room in the Radio/TV Section NOW
tomthetrader: Thomas is going to list longs on here and we will have audio in 5 minutes
(3:15 PM) thomas_Poland: Open positions: 500 SSO at 58.50
(3:15 PM) thomas_Poland: 30 SPYHT at 3.30
(3:15 PM) thomas_Poland: 2 YM long at 11300
(3:17 PM) TraderTim: Tom, what are you seeing on the indicators as we come down the stretch. I am still in.
(3:18 PM) Docqb: y
(3:18 PM) bloomert: y
(3:18 PM) Michael TTT: yes
(3:18 PM) aszag: y
(3:18 PM) gerry204: y
(3:18 PM) billb1947: y
(3:18 PM) Docqb: great
(3:18 PM) les13436: y
(3:18 PM) thomas_Poland: y
(3:18 PM) TraderTim: y
(3:18 PM) tradster_ny: y
(3:18 PM) Docqb: clinic gets busy closer to school
(3:18 PM) wclegg: y
(3:19 PM) wclegg: Good
(3:21 PM) Docqb: USB ?
(3:22 PM) Docqb: yee ha !!
(3:24 PM) thomas_Poland: I have it somewhere
(3:24 PM) thomas_Poland: have to find it
(3:24 PM) TraderTim: WOW . . . I am sweating
(3:25 PM) TraderTim: I bought during the earthquake
(3:26 PM) ssny2004: thanks Tom!
(3:26 PM) Docqb: thank you tom
tomthetrader: Thanks
(3:26 PM) TraderTim: thx tom another amazing learning experience
tomthetrader: great
tomthetrader: learning to place stops in a running up market
(3:27 PM) TraderTim: who would have thought you would give us an earthquake to test our skills
tomthetrader: taking profits in a bear long
tomthetrader: lots of good things
(3:27 PM) bloomert: Even an earthquake can't keep TTT from making money
(3:27 PM) TraderTim: exactly . . .
(3:27 PM) TraderTim: TTT
(3:27 PM) TraderTim: TTT
(3:27 PM) thomas_Poland: LOL
tomthetrader: Bad ..
(3:27 PM) thomas_Poland: I'm on the floor
(3:27 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:27 PM) thomas_Poland: Go California
(3:27 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:27 PM) DE_TTT: Yes...but the floor here is moving
(3:27 PM) thomas_Poland: Tim knight
(3:27 PM) thomas_Poland: :
(3:27 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:28 PM) thomas_Poland: Tom give us some nice Tim Knight voice ??
(3:28 PM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: Tim Knight just happened to " Iwent long into the earhtquake and saved my portfolio "
(3:28 PM) thomas_Poland: You do it perfectly
(3:28 PM) thomas_Poland: LOL
(3:28 PM) thomas_Poland: LOL
(3:28 PM) thomas_Poland: LOL
(3:28 PM) TraderTim: who is this Tim Knight
(3:28 PM) Docqb: lol
(3:28 PM) thomas_Poland: Tiiiimmmm???????
(3:29 PM) thomas_Poland: slopeofhope
(3:29 PM) thomas_Poland: a gay trader
(3:29 PM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: yes ...
(3:29 PM) TraderTim: oh yeh, I saw him there but what is the history?
tomthetrader: He banned me from his site
(3:29 PM) thomas_Poland: he lost few millions but made more on book
(3:29 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:29 PM) TraderTim: no way!!!!
(3:29 PM) thomas_Poland: and now says he is good trader
(3:30 PM) thomas_Poland: always "Just in time:
(3:30 PM) TraderTim: TTT banned . . . thank you TIm Knight for giving Tom to us. What a bad trade (book or no book)
tomthetrader: we tracked him during the largest bear market rally ever in history he was so short but told his members he is annualized up 80%
(3:30 PM) thomas_Poland: Tom is banned on every blog he was commenting
(3:30 PM) DE_TTT: The history is that he NEVER loses money...even when he's dead wrong. Performance nums completely bogus...sort of like a combo of Loch Ness monster and Sasquatch.
(3:31 PM) les13436: Tom: I still have a few QQQIR's with a small profit, sell or hold overnight?
(3:31 PM) TraderTim: What I like about you TOm is you seem to have a high integrity sense for this site . . .
tomthetrader: Sell
tomthetrader: We have to be HONEST ..catch me in a lie and I pay for it by you guys leaving ..I wouldn't pay 2 cents to a site that lies
tomthetrader: QQQIR you can break even or take profits
(3:32 PM) TraderTim: Knowing that about you IS what helped during the last two days . ..
tomthetrader: near the highs here
(3:33 PM) TraderTim: Still learning this short term stuff . . . really emotionally draining
(3:33 PM) DE_TTT: Yes...honesty and tolerance for opposing ideas is the foundation of what makes this group good...imho, of course.
tomthetrader: Thanks TRUST is key ..and it takes alot ..even Thomas doesn't trust 100% ..WHICH ISWHY HE DID NOT MAKE A TON TODAY ???
(3:33 PM) thomas_Poland: Tim you have to drink a lot
(3:33 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:33 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:33 PM) thomas_Poland: right Tom
(3:34 PM) TraderTim: I think I am going to have a glass of wine when this day ends . . .
(3:34 PM) thomas_Poland: But you must admit I go with you almost always
(3:34 PM) thomas_Poland: a glass??? a bottle maybe
tomthetrader: ALMOST . except when you are smarter than me ?? Like today
(3:34 PM) thomas_Poland: right right
(3:34 PM) thomas_Poland: I'm still learning you know
(3:35 PM) DE_TTT: + =
tomthetrader: note to elf : Thomas : Don Not short a 3-1 pos a/d line
tomthetrader: Nas should hit 55.00 up
(3:35 PM) thomas_Poland: ok ok
(3:35 PM) TraderTim: love that DE
(3:35 PM) thomas_Poland: I will never short 2-1 a/d line ok? ???
(3:35 PM) aszag: I was trying to sell naked qid August 48 calls when the market came down but it did not hit my limit price
tomthetrader: hope the QLD rally is for real
tomthetrader: won't know until we read the tea leaves ...Zags ..you believe ???
tomthetrader: in rally
tomthetrader: 5.4 now at LA
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tomthetrader: Gerry ? LA OK ?
(3:38 PM) gerry204: yes, shook the house, but all is okay
(3:38 PM) thomas_Poland: o man
(3:38 PM) TraderTim: got it
(3:38 PM) thomas_Poland: 2.50??
tomthetrader: touched 250 points UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tomthetrader: Dow hit 250 up
(3:39 PM) DE_TTT: ok, Tom...we might need to hire a better yodeler...no offense, of course!
(3:39 PM) thomas_Poland: ohh ok
(3:39 PM) thomas_Poland: LOL
(3:39 PM) thomas_Poland: you should not sing
(3:39 PM) thomas_Poland: it is worse than Tim Knight voice
(3:39 PM) Michael TTT: Thomas, what is LOL??
(3:39 PM) thomas_Poland: Laughing out loud??
(3:40 PM) thomas_Poland: Look at google
tomthetrader: so many bears so big of rally
(3:40 PM) thomas_Poland: ROTFL
(3:40 PM) thomas_Poland: rolling on the floor laughing
(3:40 PM) thomas_Poland: etc
(3:40 PM) thomas_Poland: You got it Michael?
(3:40 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:40 PM) thomas_Poland: FYI : for your information
tomthetrader: I got you going Thomas !
(3:40 PM) thomas_Poland: FY : F..k y...
(3:40 PM) thomas_Poland: kidding
tomthetrader: Hey
tomthetrader: general audiences
tomthetrader: where is craig /
(3:41 PM) thomas_Poland: I was writing as you were writing
(3:41 PM) thomas_Poland: 250
(3:42 PM) thomas_Poland: Tom you are selling at the close?
(3:44 PM) Docqb: lol
(3:44 PM) Michael TTT: Did he start his own company??
(3:45 PM) ssny2004: tom what about xlk lv?
(3:45 PM) Michael TTT: Was it Macke Capital??
(3:45 PM) ssny2004: thanks!
(3:46 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:47 PM) thomas_Poland: What makes a good trader Tom ?
tomthetrader: consistently beating the market over the years
tomthetrader: no losing years no matter what the condition
(3:47 PM) thomas_Poland: yes I know that .. but what do one have to know or learn to be great trader?
tomthetrader: ability to adjust to every cycle small to large
(3:47 PM) TraderTim: We hope you can help us get there Tom
tomthetrader: I hope you all stay
tomthetrader: and we all get better together
(3:49 PM) Fulkdaddy: Tim and I are on the same page Tom. We love the help you have been giving us...
(3:50 PM) Fulkdaddy: Fulkdaddy out...see you all tomorrow...a golf course is calling my name!
(3:50 PM) TraderTim: Thanks to FULKDADDY for getting me involved with Tom . . . having FULK and TOM is a great combination punch . . .
(3:51 PM) thomas_Poland: Tim I'm here for a year and I must say it was my best choice
(3:51 PM) Fulkdaddy: Yes we are almost a perfect match...do exactly what Tom says and do exactly the opposite of what I do.
(3:51 PM) TraderTim: Ha Ha
(3:51 PM) thomas_Poland: But I'm waiting also for a book of Tom .. but he will not write it at all
(3:51 PM) TraderTim: Not true . . . Fulk you have some great instincts
(3:52 PM) TraderTim: You have helped a lot since you are a natural short term trader (I am more an intermediate but am retraining myself)
(3:52 PM) thomas_Poland: not chance for a book ... right Tom?
(3:52 PM) thomas_Poland: LOL
(3:53 PM) Fulkdaddy: Yhea baby!!!
(3:53 PM) thomas_Poland: you sound like 50Cent
(3:53 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:53 PM) TraderTim: this is a LIVE book everyday
(3:53 PM) thomas_Poland: yes Tim
(3:53 PM) les13436: Thnaks Tom,
(3:53 PM) ssny2004: congrats to all, thanks to Tom
tomthetrader: YES YES YES
(3:53 PM) Michael TTT: Thanks Tom
(3:53 PM) bloomert: Thanks TTT!
(3:54 PM) Docqb: Dog, you rock !!!!!!
(3:54 PM) thomas_Poland: yeahh
(3:54 PM) TraderTim: TTT=Thanks to Tom!!!
tomthetrader: Thank you guys let me do this without it would be me and the head of international trading in our matching pink dresses drinking cheap vodka ?
(3:54 PM) thomas_Poland: ok ok enough .. don't let him think he is very good
(3:54 PM) thomas_Poland: yeahh
(3:55 PM) TraderTim: ok let's turn it on THOMAS . . . thanks to THOMAS
(3:55 PM) thomas_Poland: not TTT but PDT
(3:55 PM) thomas_Poland: Pink Dres Trader
(3:55 PM) thomas_Poland:
(3:55 PM) TraderTim: OK PINKY
tomthetrader: BUY POT PCP ..just kidding
tomthetrader: not on drugs on LIFE
tomthetrader: Had 7 accoubts long to the gills
tomthetrader: and I see thectotals
tomthetrader: and the totals are titillating
tomthetrader: 3 minutes and realized gains start to be turned over to the TRUST
tomthetrader: as the MAIN FUND GROWS TO 1.89 mil
tomthetrader: from 21K
(3:56 PM) thomas_Poland: let me know what prices you cover positions
tomthetrader: 262.50
tomthetrader: we will sell now the SSO
tomthetrader: and please fills ???
tomthetrader: 264,50
tomthetrader: MOC
tomthetrader: Market on Close
tomthetrader: 264.50 highs
tomthetrader: SSO B/A ?
tomthetrader: Thomas ..whatdo we have opened /
(3:58 PM) thomas_Poland: 11300 Dow and SSo
(3:59 PM) thomas_Poland: and SpYHT
tomthetrader: Got you on MSN
(4:00 PM) tradster_ny: out YM 11372
(4:00 PM) tradster_ny: unreal
tomthetrader: SPYHT ????
(4:01 PM) TraderTim: Remember yesterday when we were hoping to get in at 1240-1245
tomthetrader: yes
tomthetrader: we got what we wanted
(4:01 PM) TraderTim: what a ride
(4:02 PM) thomas_Poland: And I wanted 1270 in the morning and sold at 1249??
tomthetrader: unanserd prayers /
(4:02 PM) thomas_Poland: and went short like an ..... idiot????
tomthetrader: yes
(4:02 PM) thomas_Poland: hey
(4:02 PM) thomas_Poland: be careful
(4:02 PM) thomas_Poland:
tomthetrader: sorry
(4:02 PM) Docqb: yaba daba dooooooo.....
tomthetrader: last day of trash talking
tomthetrader: scooby
tomthetrader: doo
tomthetrader: is HOT
tomthetrader: 7 accounts
(4:03 PM) DE_TTT: MER 8x normal volume today
(4:03 PM) thomas_Poland: and I made only few Zlotskies losing my core long
tomthetrader: all 50-100% longt and only 2 losers
(4:03 PM) thomas_Poland: please give me some correction
tomthetrader: good sign on MRK bottom
tomthetrader: DDM what a animal ..QLD unstoppable
(4:04 PM) TraderTim: MV: "There's an order to buy on close of 15M shares of MER; 10 M have been paired off"
(4:05 PM) TraderTim: That was at 3:53pm
(4:05 PM) TraderTim: What does that mean Tom?
(4:05 PM) Docqb: tom i have a confession, wanted a bank bought BAC right before the USB rec..... I'd rather be lucky than good... or both... lol
tomthetrader: yes BAC is great ,..I had calls on BAC
(4:07 PM) Alert: This is a G rated room intended for a General Audience including minors. Offensive language is not permitted.
(4:07 PM) Alert: Hi , Welcome to TTT

(4:07 PM) Alert: This is a G rated room intended for a General Audience including minors. Offensive language is not permitted.
(4:07 PM) Alert: Hi , Welcome to TTT

(4:07 PM) Alert: Hi , Welcome to TTT

(4:08 PM) Alert: This is a G rated room intended for a General Audience including minors. Offensive language is not permitted.
(4:08 PM) Alert: Hi , Welcome to TTT

tomthetrader: TTT
tomthetrader: OUT
tomthetrader: 5% long 95% cash
tomthetrader: 12% rise in UYG and we we recommending up 4% ?
tomthetrader: 2.55 up UYG
(4:26 PM) PhotosbyDill: anyone here?
tomthetrader: Tom
tomthetrader: TTT
tomthetrader: Here
(4:27 PM) TraderTim: y
(4:28 PM) TraderTim: I am heading out Tom . . . see ya in the morning. Thx for a great day.
(4:29 PM) syzygy111: Bad day for me to be on the road and miss all the action
(4:29 PM) TraderTim: Bert, it was one of the best days
(4:29 PM) syzygy111: I saw
(4:29 PM) syzygy111: Good for you all
(4:29 PM) PhotosbyDill: Tom looks like a fun day!!! I at least went out and made some $$$$. I did a DBA spread before going out.
(4:30 PM) TraderTim: Bert, are you going to the Louis N. event on wed. Dave and I are going.
(4:30 PM) syzygy111: Didn't know about it
(4:30 PM) TraderTim: cool
(4:31 PM) TraderTim: I will send you an email
tomthetrader: SPYHT 3.25 -3.85 in a few hours /

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