Thursday, July 3, 2008


It seems like the oil market will not go down matter how many try to call a top it seems we are destined to $150 and beyond. Food prices and just look at your next utility bill. The consumer is in big trouble and the economy is going to pay. Many so called experts have called for raising rates and a improving economy whle I continue to call for lower rates and recession.

How come I am bullish / I think this bear market will end ...but it may take new leadership in washington and another CRASH. Yes ...we will probably have a Crash as the market is setting up much like 1987. How do you crash proof your portfolio ?
We dodge in and out and when it is time to get short we go all in 2x ETF's and puts and futures short...when there is over pessimistic views we will stick them long.

For now we are 40% long in HCBK and DTO both are like hedges. Just in case we get a botttom in banks HCBK could double and if oil cracks DTO could double ...we will add our other 60% fighting the indices.

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