Tuesday, November 27, 2007


My family had an unexpected emergency this weekend and I was unable to post. This can be a very trying business and people who make posts on the internet are very much welcome to their opinion ...I am keeping the comments section open for those who want to contact me in any form possible ....I have been very wrong on the depth and length of the correction but feel very confident in new highs very soon ...I have maintained my bullishness and aggressive actions in the face of this terrible TAPE and the horrible action in almost every sector. But 10% correction is now hopefully done we can look ahead to the rest of 07 and into 08 .

The FED has to be on the Bulls side ...I have said time and again the sector rotation and the interest rate models will be scary to go through. WE are at the end of a bad correction ..many think alot more is to come but a 10% correction for the 1st time in 6 years is still a good long term TREND ...dailies are putrid but looking out I am bullish as rates drop and profits beging to improve.

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