Tuesday, November 20, 2007


You tell me ...I promised you a 100% up day 0% chance of being down !!!!!

All you had to do was buy some long calls and rake in some money or hold for tomorrow as it has been up about 90% of the time combined with the 100% chance we had today ..you could have had the first back to back wins in awhile.

Everyone is Bearish and we are going to 15K

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Please take a moment to read my entries and even in this correction we are UP !!!

Let's make a run at 15k together and get long ...

AAPL is back on the move ..we bought it Last week for this run to $200

We are in all options on all indices !!!!

Futures we cut back a bit on ES but are still 100% long with YM NQ ER2

Please give us a try before prices go back to $249 per year !!!!

PayPal is safe and together we give you a 100% Money back guarantee !!!

PayPal tomandprisha@msn.com

How did I know that today would be UP and why am I 98% sure tomorrow will be up and why may we have a string of up to 12 UP days in a ROW ???

Join today !!!



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