Monday, November 5, 2007


We executed a near perfect DAY TRADE today as we hit the third effort to sell off the markets and went long 2 ES minis and took them up on a nice ride to profits !!!

We do all sorts of things to make money here at TTT and whether it is stocks options futures or just market timing ..this is your LOW COST SOURCE.

The Free daily chat gets members right in the pits as we trade nearly everyday and with a great deal of success as one new Furures trader is 4 out of 5 on trades for nice profits. We have worked with hundreds of new and pro traders alike to make huge profits in this market and continue to look at the coming months as a grea time to JOIN TTT

PayPal is 100% guranteed ..just send $125.00 to :

Most services charge that PER MONTH !!!!!

We give you all the data / Info the Pros get for all of 2007 and 2008

No bills til Jan 2009 !!!!!

Last Month at these rates then they go back to $249.00 per year...

So join now !!!!

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