Friday, August 31, 2007


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I said I would not give out any free samples but my competition said "Tom, let me have one more so I know where you were at on Labor Day 2007 " Of course they charge up to 20x the minimal $99 fee and have produced 10-20% returns or losses up to 100%.

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Good Morning ,

For those who have been with me awhile you know how gratifying it has been to get you all on the "right" side of the trade as the small amount we charge for a 24/7 LIVE CHAT service is miniscule and unfortunately a lot of people think that those bloggers that flip a coin each day are just as good at market timing and predicting a market direction as TTT is. Well I put my own money out there everyday and will continue to until 2010 and for those of you who will trust me and roll with the punches ...this is just the beginning. For those who preach the gloom and doom of stocks going to "0" and and the world shortly coming to a halt should be a rough day for you and as a matter of fact I think two very well known BEARS will probably get hit so hard since the bottom they willl have to close up shop or at least lie just a little more than usual about their holdings. I am sure they woke up and bought futures to cover their short positions in all those US companies that are going to "0".

I should not be cynical but the fact remains ever since the bottom of this PANIC ( short -term irrational fear ) People have literally gone crazy with the notion of a worldwide break and it is not in the cards. The US stock market is 25-30% UNDERVALUED and buying in here can make you a huge nest egg for when a REAL correction comes or BEAR Market.

QLD BOUGHT at 98.32 QQQQ Jan 08 options 44.00 45.00 46.00 47.00

GLW " 23.10 Jan 08 options

CSCO 29.75 "

NOK 29.50 "

POT " 79.10 "

QCOM 36.89 "

NDAQ 31.00

GE 37.33

MO 61.70

CAT 63.10

DOW 42.00

ZTR 4.20

ZF 4.40

XLK Jan 08 options 23.00 24.00 25.00

We need to continue to trim our holdings in options or add if you are all in stock but the fact is you need to bee aggressively LONG !!!

I will update later and please try to get your portfolio in order as the 4th quarter will be a real nice way to save some money and use your stops and all disciplines on options and futures we have talked about and you will be exposed to less risk and higher profits.....15,475.00 Is still my Target for Jan 08 ...I am sure no one believes it but few believed this "Panic" was over at 12800 and it stayed under 13k for about a blink of an eye. So much for saying my last good bye to the bears !!!!



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