Tuesday, September 4, 2007

$21,000 TO $750,000 IN 15 MONTHS !!! BULL MARKET

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Here is our closing bell !

Hey ,

From the reaction I am getting from low attendance in CHAT and the lack of notes from familiar members I think no one was invested !!! It is still early !!! Don't get caught in the cycle of saying you missed the rally ..we are now on our 3 rd week of a double barrelled BUY signal and things just keep getting stronger !!!!

The indicators are SO BULLISH it is incredible !!!! So please give me a holler there are so many stock opportunities out there ..please get invested ...what else can I do ??? This is just a classic "panic" followed by another "Catch up " rally that may take us to new highs and has in many stocks and now going into the ETF's and indices.


QLD all time highs
CSCO Bull Market highs
NOK all time highs
POT all time highs

We are on a roll and making more money everyday and the QQQQ options and XLK OPTIONS are generating unreal profits !!!!!

Just keep in the game and I will get you the stocks. E-mail me today and I will give you a great new handful of stocks that will go go go in the coming weeks !!!

Please join us today before the OCTOBER 1st Rate increase !!!

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P.S. It is still early !!! Don't buy the short the rally guys and BUY TTT on sale through October 1st !!!

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