Saturday, August 4, 2007


With a strong week in NOK and CSCO the TTT HEDGE FUND WAS SAVED FROM BIG LOSSES !!!!

Two HUGE QQQQ August 47.00 calls midweek more than made up for stocks losses and we are setting about 80% long going into a huge comeback week for the DOW.

WE want to buy XLF XLK and everything to do with stocks longer term

There is BLOOD IN THE STREETS and now is the time to buy not let the STREET "Run" you out of stocks !!!

Join TTT Today for instant timing calls and experienced direction in these volatile times...we are buying PUTS on the VIX now as we expect it to be cut in 1/2 by Christmas !!! You can make a ton on that play ..but what price ...when ..JOIN TODAY !!!!

WE have a Special $99.00 for all 2007 and 2008 going on during the CRASH !!!

Just Paypal : $99.00 for over 16 months of TTT 24/7 . You will get dozens of free services put together would cost you over $500 a month and you get them free!!!

Chat and daily e-mails to keep you up to date and our indicators which show you the direction of the market.

We are GOING UP FROM here and CSCO DELL QQQQ will lead the way starting Monday ..come see why we are the best !!!



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