Thursday, August 16, 2007


Today was a very good day for the TTT HEDGEFUND wouldn't think so if you looked at the whole portfolio getting stopped out on the gap down !!!! But as our stocks were stopped out and we were able to gauge the FUTURES markets we put $60,000.00 to work in the futures and $160,000.00 in options and took a wild rise to a positive finish in the S and P 500 or ES mini's.

The panic forced us into taking a stand in the futures and options markets in the DECEMBER FUTURES AND JAN 08 calls

WE are 100% long and will enjoy the ride back to 14000

Take time to join today !!!!

We offer free educational sessions daily portfolio review and the best in timing advice in a tough environment.

"Great call buddy hit the bottom dead on ...made a small fortune in hours..thanks TTT!!!"

Joe CA

PayPal : $99 to

4-12 emails per day

24/7 access

Chat every business day

No one else offers this at any price !!!!

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WE bought the market at 1380 SPX CASH TODAY !!!!!

Just remember that we bought the market at 1380 cash today and see where we are Jan 08 !!!!!



E-Minis long ES YM er2 NQ

Options QQQQ Jan 08 44.00 and 45.00

XLK Jan 08 23.00 calls

Staying power / cash management is the Key to profits ...come learn how to buy in 4-5 waves ...the most profitable system you have ever seen.. now $21k to $300K

Join Us today !!!!

Sample E-mail sent today at 2:30pm

HEY !!!!

I wanted to pass along some information to you as I have heard from very reliable sources that certain margin requirements are being enforced and special warnings ..unprecedented to traders ...about trading volatility. This is the momentum trade I have been speaking of since the short uptick rule was turned back...IN SHORT ..YOU SHOULD BE LONG ....

I know you all feel like crying wolf but you have to understand this is happening in a VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME order to make up the 10% loss in the index will need to get long and aggressive to make sure you are ahead of the market as it goes higher.


I am long now to 100%

Please add 30% QQQQ Jan 44.00 calls here to complete the MODEL PORTFOLIO LONG

so we are in 100%

XLK 10%

Futures YM ES er2 NQ 40%

Options QQQQ Jan 44.00 30% QQQQ Jan 45.00 10%

XLK Jan 25.00 calls 10%



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