Thursday, August 2, 2007


Now is the time to take part in the official last leg of the BULL MARKET RUN !!! We did it ...put in a intermediate bottom just as the BEAR himself was ready to takeover the US stock won't happen now or for another 1000 points ...How can I predict such a thing ????

If you have followed this site ...I admit when I am right and when I am wrong ...I am going to give you 1000 points on the Dow if you come along with me and join the TTT HEDGE FUND 07 !!!

Never has there been a better time to join as a new member you get 24/7 service from a professional market timer who has beat the markets for 6 straight years and this year by a 10-1 ratio !!!

How do we do it ??? #1 Great stocks ...#2 options in the great stocks and indexes when warranted and #3 Trading the markets with a patented TTT PROP system that is 90% + correct for daytrades to 1-3 months out .

We give you all the tools and actually we are a educational site because all of our members won't be members for long as they learn all day. From beginners to pros TTT Hedge Fund 2007 is for you and now you can get the rest of 2007 free when you pay for 2008 today ...that's right more free trials ...we have given away alot of stocks like NOKIA NOK up 10% today and a lot of trial memebrs got that move FREE !!!!

The Bull Market is in it's last leg and it will get frothy !!!! Now we got some panic behind us and let's run away with some huge profits before it ends in late 08 !!!

PayPal : $99.00 (That's $30.00 off the regular rate !)

Just $99.00 gets you 24/7 service for all of 2007 and 2008 !!!! That is pennies a day for the best service on the web !!!

"I have only traded with TTT for 4 months and it was like night and day ...Tom took the time to explain everything and now ..with his indicators..Iam trading like a pro up 7k this week ...3 days !!! "

Dave Clinton MI

Just join the hundreds of happy members and see what it is like to get a big win in a Bull market.

This is the best investment you will ever make ..sure some sites are free and like Tim Knight's Blog site get what you pay for ...a ton of lost money ...don't stick with a losing game yourself and experience the joys of winning 90% of the time !!!

PAYPAL is the safest and most secure way to join ....we have an exclusive 100% money back guarantee and hope you send $99.00 for over 5 quarters of TTT all 2007 and 08 to :

Thanks for your time and make sure you give us a try !!!



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