Sunday, February 3, 2008


For those who have made tens of thousands off this site on my near perfect market timing and stock picks you can con't on even more in the coming months. But to get the whole full service effect of the TTT HEDGE FUND you have to become a member.

Example : We bought CROX Near a 28 handle and rode it up til friday selling off Feb 30 Call options by the 100"s at 100-2000% profits !!! Now with just the stock left ...we have gotten over 200 inquiries on where to put our stops and should I sell.

That is the best thing about TTT and so much different tan any other service, I am availble 24/7 !!!

Call me 352 870 4626 MSN Messenger and e-mail

We provide coaching timing ..Forecasting ..stock picking ...Now offering Futures and currency one does more....

Also as a 30 year veteran of investment banking ..I get dozens of services I pass along for Nothing 0 cost to you !!!!

You like the markets ...well you will get the info :

Blogs we look at for contrary opinion like are fun as well as very fun to see how they maul the market and so much fun to have our members 10X their money on CROX GS DRYS PH and dozens of timestamped daily choices like TSM on Friday !!!

Now we have to be ready for a dip down after a semi blowoff rise of 1000 points +

PayPal $125 to : and I will set you up in minutes

PayPal guarantees with me all of 2008 or your money back so nothing to lose and all you can do is make Huge profits into this Bullish Easing of money by the FED.



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