Monday, February 18, 2008


Name Goldman Sachs Stock of the week TTT Buy Signal
Change Last

GOOGLE -0.49% 529.64
B P PRUDHOE BAY U -0.58% 82.02
GOLDMAN SACHS GRP +1.05% 178.41
ALTRIA GROUP INC -0.22% 72.53
MERCK CO INC +1.34% 47.53
REINSURANCE GP AM +0.07% 55.71
NUCOR CP -0.24% 62.01
FOSTER WHEELER +1.98% 71.93
BUNGE LTD +1.62% 110.68
WACHOVIA CP +0.30% 33.76
ULTRA QQQ PROSHAR -0.36% 71.50

S&P DEP RECEIPTS -0.02% 135.14
FINANCIAL SEL SPD +1.59% 26.83

IRA we are still holding 100% BPT It is working well !!!!

Model we are 100% Long

Options We are 100 % Long Leaps and earnings plays

Futures we are 20% Long ES 2 contracts from 1345 cash

We will definitely be doing some profit taking IF IF we get that huge 200 point Gap open Tomorrow ...please take some profits as you know we were ON FEB 4th 100% cash and then were short some and now we have reversed our course and are 90% long into Feb 19th ...we will take positions off along the way this week as the A/D line falls but not until ....please be cautious and have your stops in place ...our losers are all financials in UYG and GS which are our LONGEST TERM HOLDS ....we hope to have these for several hang with us on those ..everything else is running real well considering we are in a bear market.

GOOG up 30 Bucks
BPT up 20% + Dividends
MO up a couple and about to split up
GS 2x we have and they are ready to take off BUY BUY BUY
MRK is up 12% in a short period since we bought
RGA our only mid cap is getting ready for a good run
NUE 50-62 is the way we like our 2008 stock of the year to act !!!
FWLT is a BUY ..please take a look
BG is a buy caught in higher prices but will run here
WB and WFC are the BEST and they will be at 50 by Summer
Costco has done great under the conditions

OII Earnings due ..we bought on the lows FRIDAY and the options and stock could rise substantially

Investing Made Easy !!!

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