Monday, February 25, 2008


Hi ,

As you avid readers know I have been a bull since I retired from Legg Mason and began a home business using my experience to help out traders and investors with everything from stocks , bonds , options and futures. My members have seen me go from my lowly $21,000.00 Initial investment to over $1,000,000.00. Then we got hit pretty hard in the bear market "crash" but really maintained our portfolio and now after today are at our highs from December again !!!

I am now offering a very special offer until FEB 28th .....

I will allow screened traders and previous members to join for free for 90 days !!!!

You only need to promise you will pay $100 to me via PayPal after May 31st if you make over the $100 you will owe. I will also ask for a "tip" at the end and that will be decided by you ...if you make 20k ..I am sure you will want to tip my service...


IF you have been considering joining but are worried about a bear or or falloff...don't I will trade with you daily

Again ..all my services free daily for 90 days use my services and Like EBAY you promise to pay if the services reach your expectations ...

Please e-mail me if you are interested as we will beging the first trading day of the 2nd quarter and run through memorial day !!!

Sp there is ) reason not to try if your a trader ....except I am onlt accepting a 20 person limit and over 12 have been taken please join me now

We were taking profits on the rise today and are now 70% long and 7.5% short Gold .



This is a once in a lifetime opportunity !!!!

Don't miss out

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