Friday, October 5, 2007


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Just wanted to say that during the last 8 weeks I have sent out hundreds of emails and all of them were countering claims from various sources pretty much saying that the BULL case was BULL. I think most of my members know that I am very passionate about the markets and do not invest or trade in a "normal" way from what their trainings have been or follow a lot of guidelines that they have been taught. The bottom line is this market has just plain left the BEARS in the dust and with new highs today and so many Americans thinking we are in recession and so many analysts and advisors sending out "lower earnings" and "next week will be lower" ...well it is next week and we have yet to go lower !!!

The key to successful trading is to ride the herd until the herd gets to big....the herd got too big today and we took some chips off the table. Profit taking after 1400 points straight up ...lots of cash for earnings plays and the market may wobble a bit here but I am not backing down from 15400 Jan 08 .


GS and NDAQ !!!!! My picks for this year ...I hate having a portfolio w/o them but here we are . replaced with new stars like FWLT and FCX

WE will probably have a week of selling some winners as honestly there are stocks like CHINA Natural I AM SHORT and EFUTURES EFUT have to come out and short some of these Chinese stocks that are making 1.8 million ??? and going up 50% ...Short them..there are great chinese stocks I would buy but China Natural and EFUT are not ones.

Solar stocks ...they are going to go up and down with the news and I have owned a couple for one reason ....CASH ...they are easy to make money on ...MOMO players run them up and down and it is easy to buy the dips ..but one day they will just keep going down ...down ...

So we have made more money than I can imagine and we are about to meet my goals of 55.00 Q's and 250 GS set only 9 months ago . I hope that things keep going the Bulls way but we probably take a breather here next week.

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I work hard to earn your trust and hope we can keep up the gains now up over 4000% since inception


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