Monday, June 25, 2007


The TTT HEDGE FUND was on the brink of a record close when the bad news broke on Bear Stearns and more sub-prime woes. A couple of core holdings that we had tight stops on were knocked out after IAI and XLF were higher earlier.

WE are now 70% long and 30% cash with the cash going to do to a NDX call ...a $40,000.00 Investment in the NDX and the QQQQ will happen soon. you should get in on this trade as It will DOUBLE !!!!

You have two ways to get the best of the best

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2) Buy Just 2007 for the Super Summer Special of $39 PayPal

VOLATILITY need someone to help you thru these turbulent trading times ...we are BULLISH and we are going to make a HUGE BET ON THE 4th quarter here soon.

Find out what it is and get 24/7 personal service having a professional Money manager at your side 24/7

We have a daily chat with professionals and beginners a like ..It is like a advanced college course in the art of trading and learning what trigggers selloffs and upswings !!!

So join today and see why TTT HEDGE FUND GIVES YOU 10X more and we have gone BULLISH here ready to ride a Summer rally into the biggest 4th Quarter ever !!!

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