Wednesday, June 13, 2007


WOW!!! A rally and a new trend up ...what we bought and when we bought them ???

Our Portfolio can be released since all members are in and you can see how we did !!!

But First you should have the opportunity to know that the stocks that I started this Bull Market with that have 11x my initial 21K investment are still running !!!!

I said on this blog that GS $250 and QQQQ $50.00 was our ultimate goal ....well we are now back on track !!!

Why not get in on the last frothy leg of the Bull ???

There is enough $$$ around to get one big rally to 08 and you should get on BOARD TODAY

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OK the new portfolio

GILD 20%

GLW 20 % all Jan 08 25.00 options

IAI Stock and options Jan 08 55.00 20%

XLF 20% options Jan 08 37.00

There is your chance but only with the guidance and TIMING will you be able to make money .

I have two reports documenting our stock picks over the last year ... Join today and get them for free !!!

Some historic times for TTT as we break or highs on net asset value today as we pick up huge Gains !!!!

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Thank you


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