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Tom the trader & & Cathy
December 2011 > 40% gains for the month, > 100% for the quarter!

Below is our trading results for December and the fourth quarter. For those not familiar with our live trading room, we track each trade officially called by our lead traders Tom and Cathy. These trades are logged an results generated each month, quarter and year. These are our monthly and recent quarter results from that tracking. We are one of the only trading groups to openly publish and track trades. If you have any questions, let us know at

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- announced their preliminary tracked trading results for the month of December and the 2011 fourth quarter. Hitting all on 8 cylinders, each of the portfolios put in substantially better than market gains.benchmarked against the SP500 which had about a 1% gain for the month and 11% gain for the fourth quarter on a year that closed flat.

“We continue to show that actively trading accounts in a volatile market outperforms buy and hold strategies. With interest rates at record lows and a market that remained flat for the year, the only way to capture and grow wealth was through smart market timing. We look forward to outstanding performances in 2012. While we are concerned about the fragility of the Eurozone, in general we feel that the markets still have upside left and eagerly await Q4 earnings season to capture a better picture of what is driving the economy.”

December 2011:

Compared against a 1% gain for the SP500 over the same period, the TTTHedge model portfolios, tracked live and independently in our trading room, out performed all the way through the month. Cathy Cullen, trading the Mini account using mostly Russell 2000 TF e-mini contracts continues to amaze us as she leads us through one of the most volatile and leveraged trading instrument available. Our mini account is 100% day trade only with no overnight holds. That is a stellar performance.

Tom Malone, CEO and founder of, trades the remaining three accounts leading the trading team and demonstrating that with good market time, courage and conviction the markets are repeatably beatable. The santa rally may not have lived up to everyone’s expectations, but the trading room’s performance for December was outstanding.

Q4 2011

All four portfolios out preformed for Q4. We love the December contracts and they loved us back, helping to hit our quarterly doubling goal in both the Mini and Traders account. Our equities tracked trades we track were also superior, with a longer hold time and less leverage our goal for these accounts is a double each year, a goal that was summarily surpassed.

We want to thank Jay for all his hard work in meticulously tracking a logging each trade. His record keeping makes everything possible.

The elves are busy putting together the year end data and statistics which should be out some time today or tomorrow.


For those interested in the raw tracked data that generates these number you can access the 2011-Q4 data at this link: 2011-Q4 trades.

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