Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Out with the old and in with the new !!! I have a new website ...you can still see archives at tomthetrader@blogspot.com. This new site should be more user friendly and get me into the type of people that deserve to make alot of money on their trades.

I will post here from now on so tell your friends and enemies as we are going to continue to double our money every 5-6 months like it or not.

1000% profit in one day ...stay tuned for the story.

We have a fee for e-mail / daily service of $249 per annum for new members but for the next month to get new members I am going with a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP OFFER

Just send $75 via PayPal to tomandprisha@msn.com and you will be set for life for doubling your money every 5-6 months.

I have members that have made $150k in one day we all have torn up the options market since June 7th and have turned 21k into 74k all by following some simple rules.

So get on Board ...the train leaves the station tomorrow !!!!

You can call me at 352-870-4626 for my adddrss in case you need to send a check...regular fees are $249 per year so take advantage of the new BULL market that is coming and join today !!!!

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