Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hope you are all having a great weekend. Tom has been sending out some great post and I just wanted to drop a line and update on how we are doing so far this month, talk a little about the past week and give a heads up on the up-coming week on what I see in store for the markets.

The traders, Tom and Cathy have just been hitting it out the park so far this month.

Our mini account is up over 31% for the month and traders is up over 52%. The Main and IRA accounts are up 7.3% and 6.9% while the SPY for the month is only up 1.5% so we are doing 4x better. That is pretty amazing.

Add to this Tom’s Options trades.. we just closed OPEX and here are some of the trades recently put on:

Plenty of opportunity to make some cash here. If you are not an options member yet you can join for just $199/year – Join Options Alert for 2011 .. $199/year. If you want to follow along go to Tom’s new website and become a free member. You will get a free option pick each week and the ability to track some of the older plays.

Pivot Boss Presentation:

Also this week we had a great guest appearance by Frank Ochoa from giving us an outlook on the market. If you missed the presentation you can watch the recording here:

Frank had some pretty bullish outlooks for 2011 and it is worth watching

Join us today !


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