Saturday, August 21, 2010


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So busy with our room I bareley get the time to post can follow me on TWITTER just follow tomandprisha

The markets are ready for another 30 day rally we are back to 100% long and you should be too.

Sentiment is bearish you should be bullish as this next rally could be huge !

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Great day in the trading room..

I hope you were in the room today to ride that 20 point SPX move with us! We have been positioning for the last 3 days of a very tight trading range getting ready for our expected move to the upside. Tom was leveraged very long in the IRA and Main funds.

Here are some of today’s highlights:

Cathy took 6.5 points worth of TF out of the market!
Tom Closed out his IRA and Main positions for portfolio gains of 2.5+% and 2.1+% respectively !
Red had a ten day trade close for just one day of holding after the profit target for TNA was hit at 6.9%!

That’s on a day were the market was up just 1.2%.. I call that outperformance..

There is a lot of work that goes into setting up the trades and managing them. The TTT team of Tom, Marlin and Cathy work long after the 4:30 bell rings to bring you our best trading ideas. It is a team commitment and when it pays off we all win like today! and we do it day after day..

Currently our tracked portfolios for this month look like this:

Up over 212% YOY Monthly July up 55%

All that was done on a month where the SPX is currently down almost 3%. Buy and hold will not yield you these type of returns, you have to actively trade the markets to get these returns and that means lots of research and work.

We are entering our annual subscription time and we have a limited number of seats to fill. I hope you choose to fill one of them and you do so early so as to guarantee your spot and save yourself some money for trading. Our special pricing is only available through the end of the month so take advantage now.

Thanks to all you who have signed up already.. we are looking for a great end of the season and a better 2011 for everyone.

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