Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How Will You Make Your Next Million ?

Is a 35% gain possible in one day? – Yes our day-trade account was up 35% today..

Tom had a hot hand today, trading 40 for 40 on Futures without a single loss. We don’t trade like that often, but today was a gift and we had to harvest while the market was ripe.

So far this quarter our Mini portfolio, aimed for small and large traders alike, is up over 51% and we are just 1 week into the quarter. Our traders account which trades for slightly longer trades and a little more conservative is up 25% already on the quarter. The Main account with is a long scalp to swing timeframe with equities and occasional futures is up almost 10% in a week and finally the IRA which is designed for less aggressive trades is up 4% for the week thus far.

Something for everyone no matter what your trading style. If you are interested in trading with pros and learning how to trade or make profits like this, check out our free Summer fun trial. You can get all of our services including our live Adobe Connect trading room free for the next couple of months.

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