Tuesday, March 13, 2012


A complete set of trading data is available via Google spreadsheets at this link: Annual 2012 Spreadsheet.

Discussion of results:
Â"Overall we can not be more pleased with our results. The 2nd half of the year was clearly our strength, and although we missed on the 2x gains we strive for in the IRA, our Traders 4x performance more than made up the difference. The 2nd quarter presented some unique challenges, one of which was health, with that behind us we expect to be able to roll into 2012 and maintain the momentum we have from Q3 and Q4.Â" says Tom Malone, CEO Founder - TTTHedge.com

Â"Cathy Cullen, our Mini account trader continues to impress everyone, posting increasing gains each quarter while trading one of the most demanding and rewarding instruments, the TF Russell 2000 E-mini under the restrictions of being in cash each night. A remarkable accomplishment in a market that closed the year where it opened and presented a mid-year high on May 2nd and retracted.Â"

Â"I can not tell you what a joy it is each day to trade with our team members in the live room. The group we have now is tight and the team play and willingness to share amongst the traders makes us a powerhouse. Trading alone I would not have been able to put up numbers like these.. Trading is a team sport and if you havenÂ't found a team we invite you to have a look

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